Microgreens by LeafLearn

Grow healthy vegetables right in your restaurant, business or home.

Taste and price
under control

You don't have to wait for anything anymore. Our microgreen capsules will grow directly in your office or in front of customers. Grow what you want in just 96 hours. Just pour water. Our technology will take care of everything for you.


You get the best value for money on the market.


There are no pots, clay or fertilisers. You take the capsule, water it, and that's all. Our technologies will take care of everything else.

No waste

Pre-stock for up to a year in advance. The seeds in the capsules will not get spoiled.


Choose from a wide range of microgreens, regardless of the season.

What are microherbs?

They look fragile. However, there are more colours and flavours in the small leaves of microgreens than you are used to with regular salads.
What are microgreens

Microgreens by LeafLearn

Our microgreens will grow right in front of you. You can always have the exact amount at your disposal as you need. For a fair price and in first-class quality.
Why microgreens from LeafLearn?

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Are you interested? Do you run a restaurant or health food store? Please leave us a contact. We will bring you samples of microgreen capsules free of charge, throughout the Czech Republic.
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Microgreens by LeafLearn

Díky za Váš zájem o kvalitní české microgreens! Jste soukromá osoba? Podívejte se rovnou na náš e-shop na microgreens.ai.
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