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How to order?

Contact us directly via the contact form on the Contact page, and our regional distributor will get in touch with you immediately and decide with you on the details. Or email us at Please state “Order” in the subject field. The minimum quantity for an order is 32 capsules, and we will personally deliver your goods to the establishment. You can find detailed information on how our distribution works directly on the About Distribution page.

How does the delivery of capsules and growing tools work?

Everything you are interested in can be found directly on this website, on the About Distribution page.

What do I need to grow your microgreens?

All you need is our growing cabinet, capsules and water. You can order the cabinet and capsules on this website, just contact us via the form on the Contact page.

How should I store the microgreens capsules?

Store the capsules in a dark, dry place at a temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius - for example in a cardboard box in a warehouse. If the correct storage conditions are observed, you can store the seeds for up to one year.

How should I take care of the plants?

Our microgreens capsules do not need any special care. All you have to do is to water them and grow them in conditions, in which you feel good yourself - whether it's heat or the amount of sunlight. The ideal temperature for growing is 18 to 25 degrees, and the perfect humidity shall reach 35%. Our growing cabinet will ensure the ideal conditions for the growth of your microgreens for you.

Microgreens do not grow as they should. What should I do?

We always supply you with seeds of the highest quality. However, it is still a living organism with all its strengths and flaws. In the case of seeds, the so-called seed germination rate is always stated, which in our case reaches at least 80% if stored correctly. If the microgreens in the capsule germinate little or not at all, there is probably a lack of water. Try to weigh the capsule. If it is very light, it means that there is not enough water in it and you should fill it in. Please, remember that just a little moistening is not enough because the plant takes water from the supply at the bottom. But be careful as the water should never rise above the seeds. In exceptional cases, even the supply of the right amount of water may not help the plant to grow. In that case, please contact our dealer with a request for a complaint. Do the same if the microgreen catches mould. Our seeds are of top-class organic quality and free of pesticides and, therefore, it can exceptionally happen. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I throw away the capsules after use?

The packaging in which we supply the capsules is fully recyclable, and parts thereof can be disposed of in plastic and paper waste. The contents of the capsule, whether wet or dry, are suitable for composting or municipal waste. You can return the capsules directly to our seller, and we will take care of their recycling for you.

What role does artificial intelligence play in the cultivation?

The entire system is connected to artificial intelligence as the growing cabinet collects growth data, and artificial intelligence analyses them. The growth of each capsule is analysed in real-time. Through a mobile application, the system notifies you in an understandable form whether everything is growing as it should or whether it is time to harvest.

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